Opportunities have been identified, for which the company has, and will develop competencies in the following areas:
Below are the Current Projects we are able to undertake:

Major and minor gas turbine overhaul.
Repairs and maintenance of diesel house-set engines for turbine auxiliaries and turbine black start machine.
Inspection and maintenance of gas turbine combustion chambers, gas turbine burner and swillar inspection.
Dismantling and replacement of turbine air entrance disposable filters.
Turbine exhaust, refactory lagging and scaffold building
Trouble-shooting, repairs and maintenance of turbine control systems.

Movement of power transformers of all rating from port to sites.
Installation of power transformers :Ratings up to 150 MVA,330/132 KV
Reinforcement project involving circuit breakers, isolators, CTs and VTs
Replacement of obsolete protection scheme.
Upgrading of Transmission Switchyard
Expansion and modernization of Control Rooms
Reconstruction of High Tension 132 KV overhead lines
Construction of injection substations 15 MVA, 33/11KV, and 7.5 MVA
Installation of control panels, battery banks and protective wiring.
Construction of gantry and installation of outdoor equipment; circuit breakers, isolators, C.Ts, V.Ts and Sky wire.
Construction of control room building.
Construction of relief projects involving installation and distribution of Transformers of various ratings and voltage level (33 KV or 11 KV).

We have put together a seasoned team of experienced and dynamic technical personnel from the various sub-sector of the power industry, to manage this unit. We guarantee excellent services that would translate into significant savings and benefits for your organization.

Some of these benefits include:
High quality of job; concern for details
Timely execution of projects within specified project time
Use of high quality materials
Cost effective project management strategies