Open/Short Courses

About our Education and Technical Training Programmes

With a focus on technical capacity building and enhancing sustainable power delivery, AETI Diploma and certificate programmes are designed with both classroom and technical Hands-on training exercises, to equip Engineers & Technicians who will be able to function as multi-skilled service Engineers in the Generation, Transmission and Distribution Systems.

To impart the relevant skills and expertise that will improve technical Proficiency of personnel in the power industry.
To close the gap between the demand and supply of reliable and proficient industry professionals.

Acquisition of relevant Hands on skills in order to prepare participants for careers in the Industry.

Open/Short courses
These are scheduled Courses that cut across Generation, Transmission and Distribution systems which can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of the client.
The following courses are also available amongst others:
Introduction to Power Stations - Types, Operations & Maintenance
Troubleshooting of Steam Turbine
Renewable Energy Sources & Grid Integration
Design, Construction, Operations & Maintenance of Substations
Basics of Distribution Power Systems: Automation and Management
Rural Electrification Techniques
Basics of Load & Short Circuit Calculation in Power Systems


1 Introduction, Basic Operation and Maintenance of Combined Cycle Power Plant
2 Operations and Maintenance of Industrial Gas Turbines
3 Boilers: Types, Operations & Maintenance
4 Pumps & Valves: Selection, Operation & Maintenance
5 Reliability Centered Maintenance of Rotary Equipment
6 Balancing and Alignment Techniques
7 Vibration Analysis: Basic Course
8 Vibration Analysis and Control: Advanced Course

1 O & M of Transmission Equipment
2 Data Acquisition & Distributed Digital Control System (DAS & DDC)
3 Protection of Electric Power Systems, Fire Prevention and Safety
4 Effective Safety Techniques in Power Industry
5 Plant Facility Management & Operation Monitoring With SCADA
6 Load Dispatch & Grid Management
7 Transmission Lines Installation & Maintenance

1 Transformer: Design, Construction, Installation, Testing & Maintenance
2 Power Cables and Jointing Techniques (33/11kv)
3 Substation Automation Systems & Monitoring
4 Electric Meters & Metering/ Revenue Protection
5 O & M of Distribution Equipment
6 Grounding and Earthing of Electrical Equipment: Procedures, Techniques and Maintenance

1 PLC SIMATIC S7: Application in Power Plants
2 High Voltage of Testing Power System Equipment
3 Power Systems Economics
4 Project Management for Power Systems Engineers
5 Integrated Commissioning Process for Power Systems
The training methodology so adopted will create step by step approaches for all round development of skills and knowledge for the participants.